Member News — 2017

Betty Slade

author, poet, artist

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Southwest Christian Writers Association
Writing for God’s Glory

Regular SCWA Monthly Meeting — 3rd Saturday of each month

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Speaker from 10:00 a.m. - 2:00 p.m.

Bring your questions/issues and lunch for a work session from 12:30-2:00 p.m.

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About SCWA

SCWA has served the four corners area of Southwest Colorado, Southeast Utah, Northwest New Mexico, and Northeast Arizona for 38 years.

As we enter the 2017 writing year, you are invited to join SCWA for the upcoming meetings on the calendar and the monthly meetings of the critique groups. Read our Constitution and a bit about our History.

Annual dues are $30 and includes the Scribette monthly newsletter, you own page on this website in the Member Bureau, plus discounts for the annual mini-seminar and the annual conference.  The SCWA fiscal year begins January of each year. Member dues are calculated from the month you join.

Do you have a question about writing? What can SCWA do to help you make 2017 your most successful writing year?

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Member Bureau

As a perk for paid dues, members have a page that showcases their work and their interest, plus a link to their websites. Updates are added as they occur. Read more

2017 Officers

President — Connie Peters

Vice President Kathie Butler

Secretary — Connie Peters

Treasurer & Calendar Editor — Annette Hutchins

Chaplain — Karen Pease

Member-at-Large — Dale West

Editor of The Scribe — Connie Peters

Web Master — Linda “Lin” Farmer Harris

Contact Us

Email — Connie Peters —

Under Heaven’s Rage

Colorado rancher’s wife, Libby Crawford, rebels against her husband’s decision to take a second wife. Losing that battle will cost her everything.

Under Heaven’s Rage was a Finalist in Kathy Ide’s Promising Beginnings Writing Contest (1/18/16)

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Joe Bowden

author, gourmet cook

Lemon Battery has been purchased for publication in Adventures in Odyssey Clubhouse Magazine (1/20/16)

Linda “Lin” Farmer Harris

author, content editor, script writer, mentor

Lye Water Bride

California Gold Rush Romance Collection (Barbour Books, August, 2016)

Available in Paperback and Kindle at and in Walmart, Barnes & Noble and other distributors.

California Gold Rush Romance Collection—#23 on EPCA’s September Fiction Best Seller List

Joe’s “Endless Pasta-bilities” was published in Clubhouse Magazine online in 2015. A great activity for children of all ages.

Connie Peters

author, poet

3-Minute Devotions for a Dog Lover’s Heart contains ten of Connie’s devotions

~ and ~

3-Minute Devotions for a Cat Lover’s Heart contains fifteen of her devotions

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~ April 15, 2017 Meeting—Mancos Library ~

Treasure Among the Ruins

Book 1

Voices in the Desert Series

(Winged Publications, Dec., 2016)

~ Now AvailablePaperback & Kindle ~

2017 SCWA Member Created Calendar

SCWA 2017 Calendar—free to members. Extra copies, and to non-members, $5.00.

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Member Contributions to Calendar

January—Jean Campion, Photo & Poem

February—Annette Hutchins, Poem

March—Nancy Shockley, Photo

April—Karen Pease, Photo

May—Annette Hutchins, Photo

June—Connie Peters, Photo

July—Elaine Bowden, Photo

August— Annette Hutchins, Photo & Poem

September—Kathie Butler, Photo & Narrative

October—Denise Murray, Photo

November— Denise Murray, Photo

December—Linda Farmer Harris, Photo